How are leads turned into customers ?

In this article we shall briefly discuss a matter that is of vital importance for all business owners – how to close leads? It was while providing online marketing consultancy services to our customers that we realized many businesses encounter difficulties in dealing with the various referrals coming in over the internet, and subsequently when closing deals originating from leads.


We will now give you several simple tips that will help you convert leads into actual deals. In this article we shall address the rules of engagement itself without dealing with the background operations, such that we are able to follow-up and continue customer relations level engagements:


Strike the Lead while its HotCustomers expect to be called as soon as possible. In the age of internet, customer tolerance is very short and if you do fail to call your leads, someone else will do it before you. It is advisable to place your phone number on your landing page.


Behind every Lead is a Person with Needs – It is not just any person with a number that we are dealing with. Each lead should be must be regarded as a person with particular needs and feelings. Establishing a connection with the person on the other side of the line is imperative. Each lead you are about to call must be treated as if they were a close friend that contacted you.


Don’t sell, Connect! – People don’t like being sold to, however, they do like buying. When calling a potential customer, never bombard them with facts about your wonderful business before establishing some kind of connection through which you understand their needs. Realization – common interests, trust and even sympathy. Remember, the customer’s needs are on focus and you must engage in that interest only.


We advise learning some NLP in favor of sales such that you are better able to handle customer objections. It is not manipulation that we speak of, but rather better use of words and phrases that influence people by tactical means of persuasion when handling objections. After having understood the customer and establishing a bond of trust and good communication, give the customer an offer he cannot refuse.

Customer’s who do no object will probably not buy the product from you. Handle objections. It is your duty to resolve all customer objections. Any person who completely agrees with everything you say without any objections will most likely not close the lead with you!

Close the deal – A potential customer will always prefer selling and must for this reason be given at least two choices regarding the product itself. If the customer says he wishes to think it over, ask him what must be improved in the service, in the method of payment and so forth in order to have him close the deal on the spot.

We wish you the very best success in handling your leads!


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