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Dbit SEO Services

Extensive Market Research
No low hanging fruit plucked—we delve deep to see where we can make an impact.

Detailed Reporting
The devil’s in the details—we ensure you a crystal clear view of what you’re paying for.

Client Satisfaction
We stand behind our results—a guarantee on satisfaction is hard to come by, but we offer one.

The Statistics Don’t Lie

A staggering 31 billion Internet searches daily means capturing even a fraction of that will uncover new business:

Less than a quarter of users search the second page of search results.
62% of users will click on the first listing in the search results.
Without SEO services, it is highly improbable that you will rank highly in the SERPs.
Daily use of search engines has risen from 60 million searches daily in 2005 to 1 billion in 2013.
Over 80% of users will use a search engine to find a website.

It’s clear from these (and many more) statistics that SEO services can make or break a company online. It’s best to consult with an online marketing company for more information what SEO services can do for your business. Contact us if you’d like to have a chat.